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Quilt Barns

There is no better way to explore the Vinton County countryside than by traveling the county's Quilt Barn Trail. This trail, known as “A Stitch in Time: The Quilt Barns of Vinton County,” features 27 throughout Vinton County. Imagine driving through the peaceful countryside to find the images of quilts hanging on barns. You won't believe your eyes the first time you spot one of these beautiful works of art. Quilters and barn enthusiasts alike will fall in love with the Quilt Barns of Vinton County.

What is a Quilt Barn? A Quilt Barn is simply a barn that is decorated with a large, painted quilt block. The tradition began in Adams County, Ohio when Donna Sue Groves honored her quilter mother by painting a quilt on the side of her barn. The concept caught on locally and a legacy was born. Now there are more than 1,000 Quilt Barns in Ohio and 21 other states.

To tour the Quilt Barns and other county attractions, visit our Driving Tours page.

Liberty Star Basket – 62130 Locker Plant Rd. – This red, blue and gold basket pattern brightens this Locker Plant Rd. barn just outside of McArthur. Painted by Vinton County government employees, the pattern is an Americana basket with a gold star and is one of the county's most patriotic quilts.

Basket Weave - 29457 Goosecreek Rd. - This 100 year old barn is set in a picturesque valley at the former site of Royal, Ohio. It is near the Mt. Olive Covered Bridge and was painted by Sojourners Care Network.

A Pig's Tail -
29214 Goosecreek Rd., McArthur - This vibrant red and blue pattern hangs on a white barn that was once part of a pig farm. Located conveniently close to the Basket Weave Barn and the Mt. Olive Covered Bridge, this is one of the most unique quilts in the county.

Christmas Star –
33977 Kelly Rd. - It is Christmas all year long at the Radabaugh residence. The Christmas Star is an Americana pattern and is painted in cheerful shades of red, blue, green, yellow and creamy white. Owned by Pam and Larry Radabaugh, the farm has been in Pam's family since 1912. This quilt was painted by the Radabaughs with the help of their children and grandchildren.

Country Farm –
54245 St. Rt. 50 W. Londonderry - Travelers along the west end of St. Rt. 50 are now greeted by a beautiful quilt block hanging on a barn overlooking the highway. This star quilt is painted in cheerful shades of yellow, blue, green and red and was painted by members of the Country Roads Quilt Guild.

On Wings of Eagles –
53413 Eagle Mills Rd., McArthur - This Eagle Township barn is an ideal spot for the pattern On Wings of Eagles. Painted by employees of the Herbert Wescoat Memorial Library, the pattern uses brilliant shades of red, green and yellow and stands out beautifully against the rustic barn.

Corn and Beans –
55416 Pretty Run Rd., McArthur – This Civil War era pattern is located at the farm of Kathy Seitz. This pattern reminded Seitz of her grandparents' garden at this farm and all the time she spent there as a child. It was painted in shades of rusty red, greens and beige and was painted by visitors at the Vinton County Air Show.

Turkey Tracks—
627 South Market St., McArthur This quilt square was painted by visitors to the Vinton County Wild Turkey Festival. Even two members of the country music band Confederate Railroad got in on the act.

Maple Leaf -
33213 Depue Rd., McArthur - This traditional Maple Leaf pattern is painted in beautiful autumn shades of orange, yellow, brown and burgundy. The barn owners chose this pattern for the sentimental value for their family. The pattern and colors were chosen by the Thompson family who own the barn. Their family also painted the quilt.

Mountains —
143 Vires Rd., Hamden - This red, white and blue quilt hangs on a barn at a working farm near Hamden. The owners have farmed the land for thirty years, and the lady of the house is a quilter who loves this pattern. Set off from the road, the rolling hills offer a perfect backdrop to this lovely quilt barn. It was painted by park guests at the Lake Alma Beach Party in 2008.

Ohio Star –
62249 Chillicothe St., Hamden – Barn owners Don and Lena Staten took great care in choosing this quilt block and colors. Painted in red, blue, brown and white, each color has meaning. Blue represents the Ohio River, red is for the Cardinal and brown is for the Buckeye. A white background makes the star stand out against their red barn. This quilt was painted by members of the Staten family.
The Fan—
73231 St. Rt. 124, Wilkesville - This quilt barn has a special meaning for its owner. The Fan pattern was chosen because the owner's grandmother made a quilt using this pattern when she was born. Though a little yellowed with time, the owner still cherishes this quilt along with a photo of her loving grandparents who gifted the quilt to her so long ago. It was painted by attendees of the Vinton County Jr. Fair in 2008.

Follow the Drinking Gourd — 1 Yankee Rd., Wilkesville - This barn, located in the heart of Wilkesville, sits on a farm that was once part of the Underground Railroad. It is believed that quilt patterns were used as code for escaped slaves. The drinking gourd is a reference to the North Star and is believed to advise travelers to follow that navigational beacon toward freedom. This farm also has historical significance as it was an overnight stop for Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan during his infamous raid through Ohio. The pattern was painted by reenactors and other visitors who attended the Morgan's Raid reenactment in Wilkesville in 2006.

Summer Winds—
31935 St. Rt. 93 North, McArthur - This structure is the Exhibition Building of the Vinton County Fairgrounds, an agricultural hub for Vinton County. This quilt square was painted by the Vinton County Senior Citizens.
There's No Place Like Home -
28801 St. Rt. 93, McArthur - As the old addage tells us, there truly is no place like home. And this quilt, with its vibrant shades of green, burgundy and gold will remind you of the coziness of home. It was painted by the staff of the Vinton County Visitors' Center.

Pine Tree—
24808 Creola-Hue Rd., Creola - A new species of tree can now be seen growing at Weaver's Tree Farm in northern Vinton County. Although the red, blue, green and yellow plaid tree cannot be purchased for Christmas this year, it can be seen hanging on a barn at the farm. The Pine Tree quilt block at Weaver's is one of the community's most unique.

23084 St. Rt. 93 S., Logan - This colorful pattern hangs on a beautiful old barn that has been converted into a gift shop and workshop. The big red barn now is home to The Old Country Boutique and Gourd Farm but was once part of a large working farm. This pattern was painted by the kids and advisors who attended the Vinton County 4-H Camp in 2008.

Autumn Sojourn –
66437 St. Rt. 56 E.– This rustic barn on St. Rt. 56 is the perfect spot for a quilt block. Owners Jim and Patty Martin enjoy the fall and the red, green, yellow, and cream colored quilt is reminiscent of an orchard in autumn. This quilt was painted by members of the McArthur Business and Professional Women's organization.

Whirlygig -
26711 Pumpkin Ridge Rd., New Plymouth - The Whirlygig quilt block that hangs on the Equestrian Ridge Riding Stable will stun you. The vibrant purples set against black make this a quilt you will remember. It was painted by the staff of the Vinton County Visitors' Center.

Airplane –
66285 Airport Rd. on the Vinton County Airport Shelterhouse – This colorful block features a red and yellow airplane soaring through a bright blue sky. While the airport shelterhouse is not a barn, it is an important location in the county and a highly visible place for local residents and visitors alike. This quilt was painted by visitors to the Vinton County Air Show.

Cross and Crowns -
Bethel Rd., New Plymouth - The owner of this Bethel Rd. barn has close ties to the Cross and Crown quilt block as her last name is Crownover. The blue and white palette was also carefully chosen as it represents the colors of Crowntime Farm's horse racing. This pattern was painted by the staff of the Vinton County Visitors' Center.

Schoolhouse –
The Old Swan School on St. Rt. 93 N. – This classic quilt block hangs on the Old Swan School, one of Vinton County's few remaining one room schoolhouses. This little red schoolhouse pattern is a cheerful addition to the school and a meaningful one for many. The quilt was painted by the people who attended a reception in honor of Miss Dorothy Scott, a former teacher at the school, who recently released a book about her experience as an educator. Friends, relatives and former students helped to paint this block in red, blue, yellow and brown.

Farm Friendliness -
27384 St. Rt. 328, New Plymouth- This lovely farm has been owned by the same family for five generations. The barn that features the quilt pattern was noted on the deed at the time the farm was purchased in 1833. The barn was originally built on the ground but was raised onto a sandstone foundation around the turn of the Twentieth Century. This pattern was painted by members of the Vinton County Convention and Visitors' Bureau Board of Trustees.

107 Commercial St., Zaleski— This quilt celebrates a piece of Zaleski's history. The Anvil pattern hangs on the village's original blacksmith shop. This yellow and blue pattern is a striking addition to the villagescape.

Shortcut To School —
Wheelabout Rd. (Near Lake Hope State Park) This brightly colored quilt will make you want to buy crayons and head off for a day at school. Painted by park guests at Lake Hope State Park, this quilt hangs on the Hope School one-room schoolhouse. The school was constructed in 1931 and rehabilitated several years ago. It now serves as an interpretive center on Saturdays during the summer.

Horse Squares -
73930 Buck Lane, New Marshfield - The Horse Squares Quilt Barn is unlike any other in Vinton County. This red, white, and black pattern features a shadowy stallion that was painted by an artist friend of the barn owner. It hangs on a barn at Uncle Buck's Riding Stable.

V-Block —
74815 U.S. Highway 50 - ‘V' is for Vinton County! This quilt square was painted by members of the Zaleski Super Kids 4-H Club and is located on the grounds of ReUse Industries, a public business.

Please note: When viewing the Quilt Trail, use caution when slowing or stopping near a site. Stopping along busy roads can be dangerous and illegal. All sites are on private property and should be viewed from the public roads, unless otherwise indicated at the site or if it is a business open to the public. We are indebted to our barn hosts for their hospitality.



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